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Northern Cyprus is a country not recognized by many countries of the world covering part of the island of Cyprus. In the country you can see ancient archaeological sites, ruins of medieval buildings, as well as pristine beaches.

In 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus. As a result of the war and the agreement concluded after it, the island was divided into two parts. Republic of Cyprus in the south and Northern Cyprus recognized by a few countries, including Turkey. It is worth knowing that Poland does not maintain diplomatic contacts with Northern Cyprus, and the Polish tourists staying there do not have consular protection.

The capital of Northern Cyprus, like the Republic of Cyprus is Nicosia, or rather its northern part. It is separated from the southern part by a closely guarded border. There is a typical Middle Eastern Arab Ahmet district with a huge bazaar, pubs and narrow streets. The city also has traditional Turkish baths and mosques.

On the coast, not far from the capital, lies the port city of Kyrenia with nice, historic buildings as well as a fishing and yacht port. In its vicinity you can see the ruins of the medieval Bellapais abbey and the Castle of St. Hilarion, which offers a wonderful panorama of the coast. Another interesting place in this part of Northern Cyprus is the Vouni Persian palace from the 6th century BC

On the east coast, the most important attraction is the former resort of Famagusta, in which a heavily ruined historic district with the Gothic cathedral of St. Nicholas. The former holiday district of Warosia is now deserted and may be interesting for enthusiasts of Urbex attractions.

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