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Styria is called the green heart of Austria. It lies in the south-eastern part of the country and covers a wide range of areas, from the gentle vineyards of the hills to the Alpine peaks with the famous Dachstein glacier.

The capital of the region is the historic city of Graz, where one of the oldest museums in Austria, Joanneum and many art galleries, including modern ones, operates. His monuments are on the UNESCO list, and Graz also received the title of Design City.

Styria is famous for its beautiful landscapes. There are over 700 peaks above 2,000 m above sea level, and the highest of them is eagerly visited by Dachstein climbers. From its slopes flows the glacier of the same name, which is a paradise for skiers. There are also ski resorts in Tauplitz and Loser in the region.

The region's richness is thermal waters, which have been known since the Middle Ages. You can find here having 180 years of spa tradition, Bad Gleichenberg. Styria also has beautiful mountain lakes, streams and the largest Austrian waterfall, Riesach, 140 m high.

The gentle hills covering part of Styria are a great place for growing vines and apples. For this reason, the region is often called the Austrian pantry. The local wines, apple preparations, as well as cheese and other food products are valued on the tables around the country.

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