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Kunsthaus Graz

Local name: Kunsthaus Graz

Kunsthaus Graz is an art gallery presenting mainly works of contemporary art after 1960. Exhibitions include architecture, design, new media, internet art, film and photography. There are no permanent exhibitions here, and the institution does not collect or archive collections. Its purpose is only to present contemporary multidisciplinary art. Works were exhibited here, including Henryk Stażewski, Salvador Dalí, Arnold Böcklin and Maria Lassnig.

The gallery is located in a two-story building with a characteristic shape reminiscent of a heart cut out of the body or an inverted cow udder. It was built of reinforced concrete and blue tinted Plexiglas panels. Over 900 neon lamps were installed in them, which form the so-called smart facade.

Kunsthaus Graz was built as part of the celebration of the European Capital of Culture festival in 2003. The gallery building was then added to the Eiseners Haus from the 19th century.


Attractions inside

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    Lendkai 18020 Graz , Austria