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number 8 in the city


Local name: Landeszeughaus

The Landeszeughaus armory in Graz was established in the 1840s and was then Styria's main armory. At present, Landeszeughaus is the largest armory in the world and has over 32,000 exhibits, most of them preserved in their original condition.

The museum includes over 2,000 swords, pole weapons, armor, helmets, pistols, shields and many more. The most valuable of them are the Armor of Erzherzog by Karl von Innerosterreich and the ceremonial armor of Michael Witz.

The entire collections during World War II had to be moved to several nearby castles due to the evacuation of the museum, but as early as 1946 they managed to restore them to their former place and reopen the Landeszeughaus for visitors.
A guided tour can be purchased on site, which guides tourists around the entire property.


Attractions inside

    Landeszeughaus map
    Herrengasse 168010 Graz , Austria