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Reutte is a village located in a mountain valley in Tyrol. It is not a typical tourist center and promotes peaceful rest in the bosom of nature. The town has nice buildings and around it there are many walking and cycling paths.

Reutte's history dates back to medieval times when a market settlement existed here. It has been the capital of the poviat since the 18th century and as one of two such towns in Austria it has no city status.

Buildings of the village are of urban character. It mixes old buildings with new houses and guesthouses, which, however, stylistically match each other. Many houses are painted in floral motifs and genre scenes of the facade, which is characteristic of Tyrolean towns. An interesting object is the eighteenth-century inn Zur Goldenen Krone, in which Emperor Joseph II stayed.

The area around Reutte is ideal for walking and cycling. Around 2000 m above sea level there are mountain peaks, but the bottom of the valley is quite flat. A popular place for trips is Lake Urisee, located about 3 km from the town. In summer, it is suitable for bathing, and its waters have an intense turquoise color in the sun.

A very famous attraction that attracts many tourists around is the Higline 179 suspension bridge. It is 406 m long and belongs to the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in Europe. It is located at an altitude of 110 m above the bottom of the valley, and nearby are the ruins of the medieval Ehrenberg castle.

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