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Bergisel ski jump

Local name: Bergisel Schanze

Bergisel is a ski jumping hill, which is one of the most important places where the World Cup in ski jumping takes place. Its construction point is 120 meters, and the HS point is 130 meters. The tower itself is 50 meters high and was designed by Zaha Hadid. At its top is the panoramic restaurant "Bergisel Sky" and an observation deck.

The first competitions in ski jumping in Innsbruck took place in the 1920s on simple wooden structures. The jump was built in 1927 and the first record set on it was 47.5 meters. In the following years it was expanded and modernized. The current appearance is due to the reconstruction carried out in 1999-2001.

The official hill record is the jump made by Michael Hayböck at a distance of 138 meters. This took place on January 4, 2015.


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    Bergiselweg 36020 Innsbruck , Austria