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Linderhof Castle

Local name: Schloss Linderhof

Located inside: Linderhof Park

This is the neo-baroque palace of Louis II, being the only one where the king lived for a long time. The building dates from 1878. It is surrounded by a 50-hectare landscape park with baroque and Italian Renaissance palace gardens.

The richly decorated palace interiors deserve special attention. In the royal bedroom you can find a large candle holder for over a hundred candles, and in the dining room a movable table that allows you to operate the eccentric king, shuning the company of other people. The palace also has a mirror room modeled on a similar room in the Munich Residenz.

In the palace park you can find many interesting constructions, including the Venus Grotto, i.e. an artificial grotto with a lake, Hunters' Hut or Moroccan House. The latter was erected in 1867 especially on the occasion of the World Exhibition in Paris. In front of the palace building there is an artificial geyser spraying water every 30 minutes. Tourists can also take advantage of the neighboring tourist complex with restaurant, shops and hotel.

The palace was created as a result of the extension of an old villa belonging to the father of King Louis II, Maximilian II. The inspiration for the construction of Linderhof was the palace of Petit Trianon in Versailles.


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