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Zugspitze 2962 m

Local name: Zugspitze 2962 m

Is the highest mountain peak of Germany. It measures 2962 meters above sea level and belongs to the Crown of Europe. Near the summit, there is the only glacier ski resort in the country, and on the top of the mountain are the Munich-based mountain lodge and the over 100-year-old meteorological station.

Two cable cars lead to the top accessible to tourists: inside the mountain, from the German side and Tyrolean from the Austrian side. In addition, at the top there is a cafe named "2962" named after the building's height.

The first mention of the Zugspitze dates from 1590 and speaks of the location of the borders between the County of Werdenfels and Austria. At the time, however, the mountain did not play a significant tourist or economic role, as it was not mentioned by name even in tourist guides during the next two hundred years. It gained importance only in the nineteenth century, mainly due to the first documented expedition from 1807. The first demonstrated ascent to the summit, however, dates to 1820.


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