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Pilgrimage Church of Wies

Local name: Wieskirche

It is an eighteenth-century church being one of the most characteristic examples of Rococo buildings in the country. The temple combines the form of a single-nave church and basilica, the ceiling creates an optical illusion, and rich decorations are visible in every fragment of its interior. The site is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The interior of the church is a collection of paintings, frescoes, sculptures and golden decorations. The main altar is decorated with a painting by Baltaraz Albrecht, a Munich court painter. Under the picture are figures of four evangelists holding in their hands fragments of the Bible and two Old Testament prophets chiseled by Agidius Verhelst. In the central part of the altar there is a statue of Jesus Christ. Next to the church naves there are other figures - doctors of the Church - and paintings in the grisaille technique.

The pulpit is decorated with golden reliefs depicting three divine virtues. In the upper part of its support there are other sculptures: a cherub on a dolphin and a woman carrying the water of life.
The entire temple is also decorated with frescoes by Johann Zimmermann, one of the creators of the building.


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