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Edinburgh Castle

The mighty castle towering over the city is not only Scotland's most powerful fortress, but also one of its most important symbols and monuments. He also served as a royal seat. The building was built in the 10th century, but no elements have been preserved from this period. Currently, the oldest building is the 12th-century Chapel of St. Margaret. The castle has Mons Meg, a giant bombard from the 15th century

The castle is built on an extinct volcano, at an altitude of 120 m above sea level. Thanks to this, you can admire the panorama of the entire city. It also has its own military garrison, which appears primarily at the official parades of the Scottish army.
According to legend, the castle is haunted by a ghost called the Watcher. This figure is to be associated with bodies that were stored underground in the eighteenth century to carry out medical experiments on them.

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