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National Museum of Scotland

The collections gathered at the National Museum of Scotland have been divided into divisions: geological, archaeological, technological, natural, historical and cultural. The exhibitions, including some interactive ones, present finds from both Scotland and the whole world. There is, among others extensive exhibition about ancient Egypt and dinosaur skeletons gathered. On the other hand, there are collections devoted to modern times, e.g. the costumes of Elton John.

Among the exhibits presented, you can also see Celtic ornaments, Pictish stones or monuments from the Roman rule of the British Isles. The most interesting exhibits include the stuffed Dolly sheep, the first successfully cloned mammal and the first guillotine from the mid-16th century.

The museum's offer includes numerous attractions for children, including the ability to dress up in historical costumes or design your own clothes. You can sit in a Formula 1 car, get a dinosaur skeleton out of the sand, or take part in scientific experiments.


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