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Palace of Holyroodhouse

The Palace of Holyroodhouse, in short called the Palace of Holyrood (Holy Cross) is the Scottish residence of the British kings, to which the most famous street of Edinburgh - Royal Mile leads. It was established on the site of the Abbey of Holyrood, founded here in 1128, whose ruins are today one of the tourist attractions, next to the royal chambers open to the public and Queen's Gallery, which presents works of art from the collection of the British royal family.

Queen's Gallery, opened in 2002 by the decision of Queen Elizabeth II, is preparing a different exhibition specially arranged each year. The source of the exhibits remains unchanged: painting, sculpture, examples of goldsmith art come from royal treasuries. The palace offers visitors the opportunity to see, among others The Throne Room, Morning Lounge (here Elisabeth II met with Pope Benedict XVI), the royal bedroom and the Grand Gallery - the royal banquet and audience hall.

Holyrood Palace was built on the orders of King James IV (1473-1513). The magnificent, comfortable residence replaced the previous seat of the kings of Scotland - Edinburgh Castle (it was used only from now on in emergency situations). The section separating both objects has been called the Royal Mile. The palace was expanded in the following centuries to obtain its final form, preserved until today, in the 17th century.


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