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National War Museum

Located inside: Edinburgh Castle

The National War Museum was founded in the 1930s to document the participation of Scots in the wars of Great Britain, but also in the battles against English domination. The facility located in Edinburgh Castle collects uniforms, insignia and military equipment, medals, weapons, as well as military-themed paintings and everyday objects that belonged to soldiers in the past.

Exhibitions at the National War Museum are not a simple presentation of military-related monuments. Individual exhibitions take the form of a narrative on a specific topic. For example, "Highland Soldier" is a story about a centuries-old, often tragic division of the lowlands and highlands, or Scottish highlanders, who over the centuries have become unbridled rebels as criminal soldiers.

Stories of uprisings and wars are strongly personalized - they show the war not only from the great victories and defeats, weapons and fortifications, but through the prism of the everyday lives of soldiers.


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