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William Wallace and Robert the Bruce Statues

Located inside: Edinburgh Castle

The statues of William Wallace and Robert Bruce are located on both sides of the main gate leading to Edinburgh Castle. The sculptures were set up here in 1929 to honor two Scottish national heroes. Both were outstanding leaders during the First War of Independence of Scotland, which began in 1296 and lasted for about thirty years. On the right is the statue of William Wallace, and on the left is Robert Bruce.

Wallace, commonly known from the movie "Braveheart," was one of the first Scottish leaders to rebel against King Edward I of England. After winning the battle of Stirling in 1297, he was knighted and called the Guardian of the Kingdom of Scotland. He continued the fight against the English until capture and execution in 1305. A year later Robert Bruce proclaimed himself King of the Scots. After years of successful guerrilla war, his battles and air strikes eventually led to the signing of the Edinburgh-Northampton Treaty in 1328, recognizing the independence of the country.


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