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Scottish National War Memorial

Located inside: Edinburgh Castle

The Scottish National War Memorial commemorates Scottish soldiers who fell on the fronts of World War I and II. It is located in the very center of Edinburgh Castle. The most important place of the Scottish National War Memorial is a closed metal casket, in which letters with the names of about 200,000 are inscribed. fallen soldiers.

Originally, the monument was intended to commemorate the Scots who died during World War I (excluding those who committed suicide or were executed in executions). The construction of a magnificent monument was planned, which would require changes to the original buildings of the historic castle. Due to the objection of the Cockburn Association (founded in 1875, one of the oldest organizations dealing with monument protection in the world), the project was abandoned.

Currently, the memorial is maintained by a charity foundation known as the Scottish National War Memorial, which organizes veterans' anniversaries and meetings.


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