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Post Museum

Local name: Postmuseum

The Post Office Museum in Stockholm, in the historic Gamla Stan. It is located in the oldest building belonging to the postal organization, dating back to the 17th century. We can find here many objects related to this institution: books, journals, photographs, archives and, of course, stamps in an incredible number of over 4 million.

In addition to the permanent collection, the Postmuseum also houses temporary exhibitions related to the work of postmen and the history of the Swedish Post. The exhibits include the first postal bus from the 20th century, a stagecoach, and the first Swedish stamp printing machine.

The museum was opened in 1906 in the presence of King Gustav Adolf and his wife. Until 1869, the only post office in Stockholm was located in the Royal Post Office building. We can also visit one of the largest libraries of this type in the world, founded in 1944. The collection includes over 70,000 volumes and approximately 160 current journals.


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