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São Jorge Castle

Local name: Castelo de São Jorge

Castle of st. George in Lisbon is located in the oldest district - Alfama. The castle square offers a wonderful view of the city panorama, making it a frequently visited viewpoint. Visitors can also climb the ramparts.

The castle was built at the beginning of the 10th century by the Moors. He served defensive functions. In the 12th century it was conquered during the crusade by the first Portuguese king Alfonso I the Conqueror. The castle was the seat of the royal family. It underwent reconstruction enlarging its area and increasing functionality in the fourteenth century. The current name was given to the building by King Jan I for part of St. George. After the transfer of the royal residence in the 16th century to the palace on the Tagus, the castle lost its importance. He served as a barracks and prison. In 1755 it was seriously damaged in an earthquake. It was undergoing conservation work only in the 1930s. Its reconstruction in its original character took place in 1947.

With the reflection of the castle at the hands of the Moors is associated with the legend according to which the knight Martin Moniz blocked his own body gate leading to the interior of the building, thereby preventing their closure. As a result of this heroic deed, the army could get behind the walls, but the knight was killed.

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