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Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts

Local name: Museu de Artes Decorativas Portuguesas

The Ricardo Espirito Santo e Silva Foundation Museum is located in the Azurar Palace in Lisbon. It is a museum of decorative art. The interiors of the palace were arranged to give a picture of the life of the eighteenth-century Lisbon aristocracy. They showed a collection of Portuguese furniture, rugs, faience, tiles and other artistic handicrafts.

In 1943, Ricardo Espirito Santo e Silva founded a foundation whose task is to take care of the traditions of Portuguese arts and crafts. In addition to the museum, the Foundation also runs a School of Ornamentation and the Institute of Arts and Crafts.

The Foundation's headquarters is the 17th-century Azurar Palace. Inside, the appearance of a Lisbon aristocracy apartment was arranged. They were equipped with the best 18th century utility items, including rugs, furniture and wooden wall coverings. The collection of the foundation is presented in the historical interiors. They consist mainly of products from domestic factories, but there is also, for example, a rich collection of oriental rugs.


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