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Tram 28 - initial stop

Local name: Eléctrico 28 - ponto inicial

Lisbon tram number 28 connects Martim Moniz with Campo Ourique and passes by all the most popular tourist facilities in Lisbon. For tourists, riding the charming yellow Remodelado tram from the 1930s on the narrow streets of the city is an amazing experience. The route that historic line 28 covers is completely impassable for modern trams, mainly due to the numerous tight turns and steep hills.

The ride on the entire tram route number 28 is one of the more unusual tours available in European capitals and is almost a must-visit in Lisbon. To avoid crowds, it's best to get on one of the start stations (Martim Moniz or Campo Ourique), and take a ride early in the morning. You should also try the 24-hour ticket, because it also includes the Santa Justa elevator and the Elevador da Glória.


Attractions inside

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