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Praça Dom Pedro IV

Local name: Praça Dom Pedro IV

King Peter IV Square, popularly called Rossio, is one of the main squares of Lisbon. Next to it is the Queen Mary National Theater. The square is surrounded by tenement houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. In its central point stands a column with the figure of King Peter IV. The square is decorated with fountains.

The square was marked out in medieval times on the outskirts of the then center of Lisbon. His history is very bloody because until the great earthquake in the mid-18th century the inquisition had its headquarters here, while executions by hanging and burning at the stake took place on the square itself. After the cataclysm and the collapse of the inquisition palace, the Baroque Queen Maria Theater stood in its place.

The square is one of the main meeting places of the inhabitants of Lisbon. In its surroundings there are a lot of cafes, restaurants and bars. Nightlife flourishes here until late. The square is lined with colorful stones whose pattern imitates the arrangement of sea waves. Standing in the center of the so-called statue of King Peter IV in fact represents Maximilian Habsburg.


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