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Square and fountain Carmo

Local name: Largo e Chafariz do Carmo

The Carno Fountain is located on the shady jakaranda square of Largo do Carmo. On its outskirts there is also a former Carmelite monastery, preserved since the time of the earthquake in 1755 as a ruin. The fountain is a small, square building. It looks like a chapel covered with an empty dome. Below it is a carved pyramid, from which water flows out of the holes.

The fountain was built in 1795. It was one of the main sources of drinking water supply in the area. It received its name from the nearby Carmelite Monastery. The small, stone building is made in the Baroque style, with elements of Rococo decorations. A carved, bent pyramid was placed under the dome supported on four columns. Water flows out of the holes in the pedestal and flows into a small, square bowl.


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    Largo do Carmo 41200-092 Lisbon , Portugal