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Chapel of Blessed Ladislas of Gielniów

Local name: Kaplica bł. Ładysława z Gielniowa

Located inside: St. Anne's Church

Chapel of blessed Ladislaus from Gielniów is located in the Warsaw Church of St. Anne. In its center, in the Rococo altar, relics of the blessed are placed. On the sides are four statues symbolizing cardinal virtues, and above there is the inscription: "Tuere Patrium Regnum et invocatus subveni" - "Protect the native kingdom, and call upon him to help him." The interior of the chapel is covered with paintings by brother Walenty Żebrowski depicting scenes from the life of Ladislaus.

Blessed Ladislaus of Gielno was a religious and from 1487 a provincial of the Bernardine Order in Warsaw. He was the creator of Polish and Latin religious songs, he is also the author of a poem praising the Turkish invasion of Podolia. His outstanding preaching talent gained him fame - his sermons reportedly attracted crowds of listeners and effectively moved the minds of the faithful. In 1753 he was included by the pope Benedict XIV among the blessed and recognized as the patron of Warsaw.


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