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Museum of Field Ordinance

Local name: Muzeum Ordynariatu Polowego

The Museum of the Field Ordinariate is located in the basement of the Field Cathedral of the Polish Army. The exhibition introduces visitors to the history of military ministry (not only Christian) - since the baptism of Poland to modern times.

In the museum collections there are field altars, uniforms, rosaries made by soldiers, crosier of the first field ordinary Stanisław Galla. Documents, photographs, documentaries, and feature films are also made available. The history of the cathedral and the fate of the chaplains are presented in the form of multimedia presentations.

In the basement of the cathedral there was also a room dedicated to chaplains who died on 10 April 2010 in a plane crash near Smolensk.

The Museum of the Field Ordinariate was opened in 2010, and the inauguration was accompanied by a military ceremonial.


Attractions inside

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