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Latvia, which is one of the Baltic countries, is only emerging in the minds of tourists as an attractive destination. Its advantage is undamaged, wild nature and numerous, though widely scattered monuments around the country.

The capital of the country, Riga is a city that accumulates most of the local tourist traffic. It is in the past one of the most significant cities on the eastern Baltic coast. A nice Old Town with the famous Blackheads' House and the Town Hall have been preserved here. Tourists are also eager to admire the buildings of Riga from the beginning of the 20th century. It is one of the most beautiful examples of Art Nouveau in the northern part of the continent.

Not far from Riga lies the Baltic resort of Jurmala. You can still feel the spirit of a tsarist summer resort with wooden villas. Today, many residents of the capital and all of Latvia, including other Eastern European countries, come here to rest. In Jurmala, apart from relaxing by the sea, you can also take advantage of numerous high-level spa centers.

Sigulda is also very popular among tourists, a city with nice old buildings, which is a gateway to visit the Gauja National Park. It is a land of forests, lakes and rivers which is a great place for lovers of hiking and canoeing. The area is also famous for the ruins of the castles, of which the most famous are the Albert castle in Sigulda and the castle in Turaida.

Lovers of fortifications should in turn go to Daugavpils, where the nineteenth-century Russian fortress has survived in excellent condition. A large part of its buildings are abandoned and can be visited on your own.

Latvia is a good country for people who like exploring unobvious places and rural tourism. There is a lot of agritourism farm offering accommodation, horse riding, the possibility of renting a kayak or bicycle. In addition, they serve guests mainly traditional Latvian cuisine based on local products.

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