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Jordan is a unique country in the Middle East. It stands out not only because of its beautiful nature and unusual monuments, among which the famous rock city of Petra comes first, but also the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Christians and a very high level of security.

Almost half of Jordan's population lives in the capital, Amman. The city is large and very densely built-up. Among the new houses is worth finding the old district with lots of shops, bars and cafes. Above the city rises a hill with the citadel of Jabal al-Kalat. It is a place where the history of Amman began, as well as an excellent vantage point of the city and the surrounding area. In addition to the fortress, it's also worth seeing the blue dome of King Abdullah's mosque.

Deserts occupy a large part of Jordan, and they belong to the country's very famous attractions. The most recognizable is the phenomenal Wadi Rum, which served as open-air locations in Star Wars. It is a very popular place for jeep trips and trekking, during which you sleep in tents in the desert. You can also visit the Bedouin housing estate.

Jordan is also famous for its fascinating monuments. The most important of them is the rock city of Petra, hidden among the rocks and gorges in the desert. It is included in the seven new wonders of the world, and in addition to magnificent buildings, you can also see the amazing Siq rock gorge. However, the Roman city of Djerba is one of the best preserved monuments in the world. Also worth seeing are the Arabian shopping complexes standing in the desert south of Amman from the Middle Ages, Qasr Al-Mushatta, Qasr A-Kharrana, Qasr A-Tuba and Qasr Al-Hallabat.

An important place on the tourist map of Jordan is occupied by places related to the Bible, visited by pilgrims. The most important of them is Mount Nebo, where the Tomb of Moses is located, the baptism site of Jesus in Bethany beyond Jordan, and Madaba with Byzantine temples and mosaics.

Lying on two seas, Jordan has excellent conditions for recreational tourism. The most famous center is Aqaba located on the Red Sea, where the magnificent coral reef reaches almost to the shores. The other important resting place is the shores of the Dead Sea.

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