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Custonaci is a small town close to the beaches of the Bonagia and Makari Bays in Sicily. It is a good base for summer recreation and the surrounding area also offers other interesting places.

The vicinity of Custonaci was already inhabited in the prehistoric period. There are Scurati grottoes, in which traces of the then settlement were discovered. Currently, some of the caves are used for tourism. During the Christmas season, they also organize a live nativity scene.

The town has been a place of worship of the Mother of God since the 15th century. There is a sanctuary here, in which a painting of the nursing Madonna is venerated. The town is also known for its marble mining. There are several dozen mines here, from which marble is exported all over the world.

The big attraction of Custonaci is the possibility of active tourism in the Orientata Monte Cofano nature reserve. There are limestone, rocky hills, oak forests and Mediterranean meadows. Many tourists visit the Mangiapane cave and the Torre di San Giovanni tower on the seashore.

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