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Wismar is a port city on the Baltic Sea. In the past, it was an important hanseatic center. Despite the war damage, the original medieval city layout has been preserved here, which was entered on the UNESCO list. Another attraction of Wismar is the large Wonnemar Wismar water park.

The city was founded on the site of the former Obodrzyńców stronghold, and its name has Slavic roots. From the very beginning, it was a strong Baltic port, where in 1259 representatives of Lübeck and Rostock met to sign a pact against pirates. It quickly transformed into a trade union commonly known as the Hansa, which dominated Baltic trade for several centuries.

The central point of the city is the Market Square surrounded by tenement houses from different eras. The most important of them include Alter Schwede (Old Swede) decorated with a carved head of a Swede and a neoclassical building of the town hall. The most photogenic building in the square is the historic well from the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. Wasserkunst. In the streets surrounding the market square you can find many interesting buildings such as the Gothic St. Mary's churches, the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Church of St. George, the Renaissance Ducal Court or the half-timbered Treasury. From the old city walls, among others, Water Gate.

The Old Port is adjacent to the Old Town, where a replica of the Hanseatic Koga, i.e. a merchant ship, is moored. There are also many pubs and cafes at the port.

An important attraction of Wismar, which attracts lovers of entertainment here, is the Wonnemar Wismar water park. There is a complex of recreational and sports swimming pools, slides and other water attractions, as well as saunas and spa and wellness facilities. The interactive technology center PhanTechnikum is also a good place for a family trip.

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