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Schwerin Castle

Local name: Schloss Schwerin

Located inside: Castle garden

The fairytale castle is located on the museum island and was built as a residence of princes and great Mecklenburg princes. It is currently the seat of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Parliament. The castle grounds include The Castle Museum and the Museum of the City of Schwerin. For visitors, among others, Renaissance castle chapel, dining room, Throne Room, rich art collections from the 18th and 19th centuries and an English-style palace garden.

The castle, which was expanded for millennia, was built on the ruins of a settlement from the 10th century. The castle owes its current neo-Renaissance appearance to four outstanding German architects who undertook the reconstruction of the building in the 19th century. Their inspiration were the Loire castles, among others Chambord Castle.

Legend has it that the castle's basement is inhabited by a kobold named Petermännchen, who once woke up sleeping soldiers on guard, threatened and punished thieves, while rewarded good people. This dwarf-like figure is now the city's mascot.


Attractions inside

    Schwerin Castle map
    Lennéstraße 119053 Schwerin , Germany