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Schwerin is the capital of the state of Mecklenburg and a historic city known primarily from the neo-Renaissance castle of the Dukes of Mecklenburg. The residence is surrounded by a picturesque park on the island.

Today's Schwerin is a quiet city and often visited by tourists because of its nice atmosphere and nice surroundings. The forested areas of the Mecklenburg Lake District stretch out with numerous post-glacial lakes.

It is on the island of one of them is the most important attraction of Schwerin, Schwerin Castle. The first stronghold in this place stood already in the tenth century, and in the following centuries it was extended many times. In the mid-nineteenth century, the then Prince Frederick Francis II decided to rebuild the castle in the neo-Renaissance style. Within the residence, a Renaissance chapel from the 16th century has been preserved, and the whole is surrounded by the baroque castle park.

There is no shortage of attractions in Schwerin outside the castle. The tower of the Gothic Schwerin Cathedral dominates the Old Town. It is also surrounded by picturesque tenements and the historic church of St. Paul. Right next to the park you can visit the Schwerin Mill Museum and the Schwerin State Museum, which presents exhibitions about the history of the area.

A great attraction for people coming to Schwerin is the possibility of taking a cruise on the White Fleet. These trips began as early as the nineteenth century and allow you to see the castle from the lake. The place for family walks is the Zoo Schwerin.

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