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Lübeck Old Town

Local name: Lübecker Altstadt

This is the oldest part of the city of Lübeck located on an island of over 100 hectares. It is one of the largest Gothic historic ensembles in Europe. Buildings in the city represent the style of brick Gothic. The city was inscribed on the UNSECO World Heritage List in 1987.

In the Old Town of Lübeck there are many monuments from the old times, visible mainly in the field of architecture of this place. Part of the fourteenth and fifteenth century fortifications and a complex of important city churches have survived, with almost all towers measuring over 100 meters.

The establishment of the settlement by Adolf II in 1143 is considered to be the date of establishment of the city. At that time, the first German port was also built here. Soon after, however, the village was consumed by fire. It was rebuilt in 1159 on the initiative of the new owner, King of Saxony Henry the Lion, and soon city rights were also granted.


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