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Thuringia, located in central Germany, is often called the land of palaces. You can find interesting monuments of the past here at almost every step. The paths of the great writers Goethe and Schiller also intertwine in the region.

The capital of the state, Erfurt has preserved many wonderful monuments. You can find here the longest, street-built bridge in Europe, Krämerbrücke and the Gothic churches of St. Mary and St. Seweryn.

A significant cultural center in the Weimar region, associated with the lives of the greatest German poets, Goethe and Schiller. Their monuments guard the buildings of the university, which in the past was considered one of the best in Germany. The historic city center is inscribed on the UNESCO list.

The third of the great cities of Thuringia is Eisenach, with the UNESCO castle Wartburg. There are many other castles and palaces in the region, and the most famous are Friedenstein in Gotha and Dornburg Castles.

The southern part of the land is mountainous terrain, however, not exceeding 1000 m above sea level. Hundreds of kilometers of walking and cycling routes have been marked out here, which are visited by many tourists from Germany and abroad every year.

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