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Nuremberg, located in Bavaria, is today associated primarily with the post-war trials of the leaders of the Third German Reich. Meanwhile, it is one of the most beautiful medieval cities of Germany, a place of the famous Christmas market and an important cultural center of the country.

During the Middle Ages Nuremberg had the status of Free Imperial City. The buildings of its Old Town rebuilt after the war come from this period. Its main street Weissgerbergasse is built with houses with half-timbered facades. Nearby is also one of the few preserved sixteenth-century buildings, Fembohaus, which now houses the city museum. On the main market surrounded by picturesque tenements, numerous outdoor events take place, and in December the famous fair. There is also the Schöner Brunnen fountain with 40 carved figures.

The joyful market imperial city changed its face in the interwar period, when it became one of the centers of Nazi Germany. A huge stadium was built here, where party conventions and monumental buildings were held to celebrate the greatness of the Third Reich. Today, most of them remain only ruins. However, you can still visit the Palace of Justice, where the post-war trials of Nazi criminals took place, as well as a museum documenting German crimes from the war period and the Budgets, where works of art looted during the war were stored.

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