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Old Town of Bamberg

Local name: Altstadt von Bamberg

It is the largest, best preserved and unchanged complex of the Old Town in Europe. The centuries-old district consists of about 2,400 historic buildings, whose facades are decorated with spectacular rich ornaments and unique details. The old town, dating back to the Middle Ages, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993.

The "imperial city" was built like Rome on seven hills. It consists of three historic centers: Bergstadt, Inselstadt and Gärtnerstadt. The dominant building of the old city is the Romanesque-Gothic archcathedral of St. Peter and St. George, one of the seven historic imperial cathedrals. Inside the four-tower building there is, among others: the sculpture "Bamberg Rider", the first monumental horse statue since ancient times, the only papal tomb in Germany of Clement II and the altar of Veit Stoss.



Old Town of Bamberg map
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