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Mulhouse is a city which through its history and location is one of the symbols of European unity and combining the old with the new. The medieval historic center of Alsace, then an industrial city severely damaged during World War II, today boasts interesting museums and valuable monuments that have survived the hard times.

Founded in the 12th century, the city quickly became an important administrative and commercial center of Alsace. Over the centuries, it changed nationality many times, becoming part of the Swiss and German confederation and finally returning to France for good. A symbol of a turbulent history and a location on the border of three countries is the Tower of Europe built in 1972, a 102-meter residential building with a panoramic restaurant on the roof. It offers views of the Jura, the Black Forest and the Swiss Alps.

From the 18th century, Mulhouse became a thriving center of the tanning, textile, and later mechanical and chemical industries. As a result, it was severely damaged by Allied air raids during World War II. However, some valuable monuments have survived, such as the Gothic church of St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Renaissance town hall, which now houses the Historical Museum, the Church of St. Frydolina or the Place de la Reunion surrounded by tenement houses.

A great attraction of Mulhouse are the local museums, largely related to technology and industrial development. The most famous are the Cité de l'Automobile located in the former textile factory, one of the largest museums of the Cité du Train in Europe, the interactive Museum of Électropolis and the Museum of Printing on Textiles.

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