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Hasenhorn toboggan run Todtnau

Local name: Hasenhorn Rodelbahn Todtnau

This is the most spectacular toboggan run in Germany. Its length is 2900 meters, and the driving speed is adjusted at its own discretion. Three roundabouts, steep turns and wild waves make the route more attractive. A comfortable chair lift leads to the starting point.

You can also get to the track using a walking route, which is suggested mainly for children who often cannot use the lift due to their height. This trail measures about 4 kilometers.

In the immediate vicinity of the cable car there is the Hasenhorn mountain inn. The facility offers both catering services and room rental. In addition, the terrace offers an impressive view of the surrounding area.

The Hasenhorn mountain on which the track is located measures 1,155 meters above sea level, and the chair lift that leads to Rodelbahn is 964 meters long.


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