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Europe Park

Local name: Europa-Park

It is the largest amusement park in Germany and the third most popular in Europe. The facility is divided into 16 thematic areas representing European countries. An undoubted attraction of the park is the presence of a dozen roller coasters, including roller coaster and water routes.

In addition to many queues and carousels, the park also offers special shows and places full of interactive educational games. White Balance acrobatic shows, pirate shows, visiting models of old ships, music show of lights in fountains or games with searching for diamonds and fighting goblins are just some of the many attractions offered by Europa-Park. The most interesting exhibitions included in the collection include the modern Mercedes Benz-Hall exhibition and the solar, water and wind energy Universum Der Energie related to the past combined with a ride through the land of dinosaurs.

The hotel also has four hotels, one of which is modeled on the Roman Coliseum, a guest house, a camping site and a tipi village.


Attractions inside

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    Europa-Park-Straße 277977 Rust , Germany