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Often called Little Rome, Arles is one of the most beautiful cities of Provence. It lies on the banks of the Rhone, surrounded by picturesque, undulating landscapes. The city is full of Roman monuments, headed by an amphitheater, and is additionally illuminated by the fame of the place where Vincent van Gogh lived and created.

Arles was founded by the Greeks and later passed into the hands of Rome. Julius Caesar settled his soldiers here, giving them land as a reward for war merits. The center also developed as an important port through which goods could be transported inland.

All this made the city richer, which was reflected in magnificent buildings. To this day, the most important example of the city's Roman buildings is the Arles Amphitheater. The Roman Forum, Antique Theater, Alyscamps, Baths of Constantine and the Roman Eksedra located today in the Arlesian Museum have also survived. Objects found during excavations carried out in the city were collected in the Arles Museum. The city's curiosity is Cryptoportics, tunnels that were used as warehouses in ancient times.

In the early Middle Ages Arles remained an important trade center and capital of the episcopate. This is testified by the Romanesque Cathedral of St. Trophy is one of the most important monuments from this period in the south of France. Cathedral, Monastery of St. Trophies and ancient monuments of Arles are on the UNESCO list.

Arles is also known as one of the places associated with Vincent van Gogh. He lived here in 1888-89 and created many works depicting the city. The courtyard of L'espace Van Gogh, a local cultural center, is modeled after the courtyard of his painting. The master's paintings and souvenirs of him can also be seen in Fondation Vincent van Gogh. In Arles, you can also see the Van-Gogh Bridge, a drawbridge across the Rhône, which he placed in several of his paintings. People interested in painting should also visit the Reatt Museum, with a rich collection of 19th and 20th century paintings.

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