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Korsør is a town in Zealand at the entrance of Europe's longest suspension bridge, Storebæltsforbindelsen. Remains of a medieval fortress and a lot of historic buildings have been preserved here.

The city was founded in the 14th century and was surrounded by defensive walls from the very beginning. Due to its strategic location, the Korsør Fortress was built here, the remains of which are fragments of walls, earth fortifications and several towers. In the center, you can also see half-timbered houses, mainly from the 17th and 18th centuries, and a historic church.

Korsør's attractions include its museums. The most important of these is the boat museum, showcasing various models of ships and other watercraft, both historic and modern. You can also see ship equipment and a photo exhibition. An interesting exhibition is also at the Korsør City and Travel Museum.

The location of Korsør on the Great Belt, in the place of a convenient crossing to Funen, meant that a system of three bridges connecting the islands was built here. The Storebæltsforbindelsen consists of the longest suspension bridge in Europe, two pillar-based bridges and a railway tunnel. The shores around Korsør are varied and you can see, among others, picturesque Cliffs Bridge. In summer, lovers of relaxation by the water are attracted to the Granskoven beach.

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