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Peja is a holiday resort on the Cypriot coast. It is located on the picturesque Coral Bay, and the area is also known for archaeological sites from both the ancient and prehistoric periods, as well as early Christian.

The village is very diverse in terms of landscape. It ranges from coastal beaches to hills reaching approx. 200 m above sea level. A large part of the buildings are scattered over the hillsides falling down to the sea.

It is a perfect place for summer rest. Coral Bay is known for its beautiful beaches. Some of them are developed, with deckchairs, umbrellas, bars and recreational equipment rentals, but you can also find secluded bays here to escape from larger groups of people. On the coast there are also picturesque sea caves, which can only be reached by boat. At the caves you can also see the wreck of the ship, where diving is possible.

The surroundings of Peji were inhabited already in prehistoric times. Discoveries from this time were made, among others on the small island of Yeronisos, which has remained uninhabited since the 15th century. It is a popular destination for trips, and on the island you can also see ruins from the Greek or early Christian times.

An important archaeological site in the vicinity of Peja is Agios Georgios. The remains of a settlement from the first centuries of our era and the ruins of three early Christian basilicas were discovered here. Next to it is the 13th century church of St. George with a monumental dome, and in its surrounding you can see a cemetery with carved tombstones.

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