#6  Peyia
#41  Cyprus

Sea caves

Local name: Θαλάσσια σπήλαια

The caves are part of the region known as kantarkastoi, which is characterized by a very interesting terrain and unique geological formations. The corrosive effect of salt sea water over the millennia has caused the formation of a rugged rocky coast, in which numerous caves of very different sizes were formed.

The area of water caves is a place often chosen for hiking, and also enjoys popularity among diving fans, due to the transparency of the water, interesting underwater fauna and flora and unusual terrain.

Formerly, these caves were inhabited by a large species of the seal monachus monachus, which owes this region its common name Spilios tis Fokenas, or "seal caves". However, due to the presence of man and increasing tourist traffic, these animals left this area.



Sea caves map
Kantarkatson Peyia, Cyprus