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Avakas Gorge

Local name: Φαράγγι Άβακα

The Avakas Gorge (or Avgas) is a canyon carved in limestone rocks by a stream over many thousands of years. The gorge has a length of about 3 kilometers and a depth of over 30 meters. A hiking trail leads through the canyon, winding along and over the stream. Due to the terrain and atmospheric conditions, this trail is considered difficult and trips are recommended only under favorable weather conditions.

The Avakas Gorge is very interesting from a natural point of view. Many animal species live here, including numerous lizards and birds (owls, eagles, ravens), as well as hares and foxes. Despite the mostly rocky surroundings, you can also see interesting vegetation here: wild figs, cypresses, junipers and wild flowers. The endemic species of centauria akamandis with characteristic purple flowers is the biggest botanical curiosity here.


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    Προς Φαράγγι Άβακα Peyia , Cyprus