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Zadar County covers a large part of the Dalmatian coast of Croatia with many holiday destinations. Off the coast, tourists are also attracted by the picturesque Paklenica National Park and the karst region in the hinterland that belongs to Velebit.

The most important city of the county is Zadar, whose roots date back to ancient times. Remains of the Roman forum are on the main square. Nearby is the pre-Romanesque rotunda of St. Donata from the 9th century, and a little behind the Romanesque cathedral of St. Amastazji. The center of Zadar also has numerous historic tenement houses and churches, as well as plenty of restaurants and cafes. The promenade encourages walking, and there are also sea organs and an interesting installation Greeting to the Sun, which comes alive after dark.

The second important center of the region is Nin with the old town located on a small island. It was the first Croatian bishopric here, and the local bishops joined in the process of creating the state. You can see the church of St. Cross from the ninth century, church of St. Anselm with the Romanesque chapel and the church of St. Nicholas. Remains of old city fortifications have also been preserved.

The coast around Zadar is dotted with smaller and larger holiday resorts, which include Sukošan or Bibinje. The county also includes part of the island of Pag famous for its beaches and excellent cheese, the island of Dugi Otok and the small Pasman, Premuda and Ist.

The Zadar region is a great place for lovers of active tourism. Water sports can be practiced on the coast, Paklenica is a real paradise for climbers and hiking enthusiasts, Kornati National Park offers sea trips and bird watching, while Telascica and Vrana Parks are known by ornithologists around the world.


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