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Church of St. Donatus

Local name: Crkva sv. Donata

The church Donata (Crkva sv. Donata) in Zadar is a historic rotunda from the 9th century representing the early Romanesque style. Currently, its interior is not decorated, it has no decorations or equipment, and no religious services are held here. The building is a tourist attraction and architectural curiosity, it organizes classical music concerts (famous for its excellent acoustics).

The church was built on the initiative of the then bishop of Zadar, later a holy Catholic church - Donatana (the name derives from it). During the work, historic elements of ancient Roman buildings were used, including two antique columns.

It is a central building with added apses (from the east). At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, it housed the headquarters of the Archaeological Museum.


Attractions inside

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    Trg Rimskog Foruma 23000 Zadar , Croatia