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Patek Philippe Museum

Local name: Patek Philippe Museum

The Patek Philippe Museum is located in Geneva, the heart of the Plainpalais district. Dedicated to the history of watchmaking, the gallery was founded in 2001 and opened in a building from the beginning of the 20th century. Museum resources are primarily original watches, produced from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, but also music vending machines and miniatures. The gallery houses a library, filled with books on chorology.

Watches exhibited at the Patek Philippe Museum are models of Geneva, Swiss and European manufacturers. At four levels of the gallery, various periods of history are presented in which man tried to create tools for controlling time. Tourists can admire the early clocks, enamelled Chinese and Turkish mechanisms, as well as miniatures with a portrait painted on glass.

In Patek Philippe's collection covering the period from 1839 to today you can watch pocket watches by Polish watchmakers creating in exile. Antoni Norbert Patek, a pioneer in the production of industrial watches, founded the watch manufacturing company with Adrien Philipp and quickly became famous. The Patek Philippe Museum gives you the opportunity to see many old clocks in one place.


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