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Local name: Junibacken

Museum for lovers of Swedish children's literature, where we will find characters from popular books by the writer Astrid Lindgren. It was opened in 1996 by the royal family. The museum is distinguished not only by the subject matter, but also by the fact that Sweden's largest bookstore with children's literature is located here.

The Book Stories Square is very popular, surrounded by small buildings presenting characters from different fairy-tale worlds, including Moomin house, which Tove Jansson described in her books. It is a small playground: children can explore each of the houses and empathize with the stories of their favorite characters. At the end of the Square there is a queue, and the accompanying attractions are entirely devoted to the work of Astrid Lindgren. The final station presents us with the reconstruction of the Pippi Stocking villa.

In addition to the bookstore, we also find reading corners, a large kid-friendly restaurant or a theater.


Attractions inside

    Junibacken map
    Galärvarvsvägen 8115 21 Stockholm , Sweden