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Wira Bruk

Local name: Wira Bruk

Wira Bruk is a historic smithy and mill established in the 1730s. On the basis of a royal privilege, until the mid-19th century most swords of the Swedish army were forged here. The forge operated until 1948. Currently, its restored interior houses a museum, restaurant and café.

The museum is open in the spring and summer season. They can be visited independently or with a guide. In the former inspector's house, built in 1793, there is also a shop with items forged in the forge. The store is open all year round.

Since 1985, the complex has been hosting a cyclical event known as the Wiraspelen. About a hundred actors take part in it and it is one of the largest live musicals in the country. The performances are mainly devoted to the history of Wira Bruk.


Attractions inside

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    Bruksgårdsvägen 10184 93 Åkersberga , Sweden