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Maritime Museum

Local name: Sjöhistoriska

Stockholm Maritime Museum located in the Östermalm district and being the main institution within the Swedish National Maritime Museums. Here you will find collections, exhibitions and events related to commercial shipping, shipbuilding and maritime industries. One of the assets of the place is the panorama view of the bay.

The museum was opened in 1938, and the building itself was designed by architect Ragnar Östberg. The facility boasts a huge number of exhibits: over 900,000 photographs, 50,000 exhibits, 45,000 drawings, as well as the largest specialist library in this part of Europe. Detailed models of eighteenth-century ships or a replica of the cabin on the ship of King Gustav III with a magnificent stern arouse great interest.

The place provides a number of attractions for children, organizes parties, runs a cafe and gift shop. Annual outdoor concerts are also held here.


Attractions inside

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    Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 24115 27 Stockholm , Sweden