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Emperatriz María de Austria Park

Local name: Parque Emperatriz María de Austria

Emperatriz María de Austria park covers an area of 66 hectares. Its area is partly covered by small pine forests, there are also vast meadows and a large recreational space. Prepared here, among others football and petanque pitches, special places for chito and calva players, bicycle path and children's playground.

Some of the plants in the park were provided with information boards. A small river flows through the park and flows into the local lake. The park is a popular meeting place for bird watchers, many different species live on its territory.

The name of the park is associated with the person of Maria the Spanish, the eldest daughter of King Charles V. In the absence of the king, the duchess and her husband Maximilian II of Habsburg acted as regents. In the second half of the 16th century she became the empress of the Holy Roman Empire.


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