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Deba is a resort town on the Basque coast. It is surrounded by green hills and has access to a sandy, wide beach. It is a resort for those looking to escape crowded cities and enjoy a quiet vacation.

People have lived in the Deba area since prehistoric times. Dozens of archaeological sites have been discovered here, some of which are located in numerous caves. The most famous are the Ekain caves with preserved rock paintings.

The Deba Center has nice, historic buildings, among which the Gothic church of St. Mary is considered one of the most important monuments from that period in the region. There is also a lot of historical buildings that create the atmosphere of a town with numerous restaurants and bars that are open until late.

Deba's main attraction is Deba Santiago Beach. It is wide and covered with sand. Part of it is developed with the possibility of renting sunbeds, and in the rest of the area you can relax on your own. The beach is surrounded by hills and lies in a small bay. It is surrounded by a picturesque coast with numerous capes and cliffs, which are best viewed from the Mirador Virgen de Itziar viewpoint.

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