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Medeiros e Almeida Museum

Local name: Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida

Home - The Medeiros e Almeida Museum is a museum of applied art located in the center of Lisbon. Located in the home of the millionaire and art collector Antonio Medeiros e Almeida. You can see ceramics, artistic glass, jewelry, clocks, painting, sculpture and trinkets from different periods.

Antonio Medeiros e Almeida and his wife were fascinated by art. In their collection they mainly collected artistic utility items. The museum is housed in their house, where all room furnishings and wall decorations have been preserved. In this wonderful interior, showcases stand works of fine art and decorative objects.

At the Museum you can see Chinese and Japanese ceramics, Napoleon Bonaparte's dinner service, as well as French and Italian decorated furniture from different eras, clocks and jewelry. On the top floor, in the water room, wall fountains were placed from the Palace of Versailles. The walls of the room are tiled with azulejos.


Attractions inside

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